Who am I?

I’ve dived right into the chronic illness stories pretty hard core. But this is called Laura in Real Life, and there’s definitely more to me than my health (or lack of.) Sometimes it’s hard to see past it, being a daily struggle and all. But I want to be seen for more than my health. My reviews at work these days revolved around my health situation and it makes me want to scream. Because despite my battle with my body, I’m still a person, I’m still a worker. I’m still a lot of things that people, including myself, forget to see.

I’m the daughter of a father who is an accountant, and a mother who used to be a nurse, but unfortunately had to stop her career early when she was diagnosed with depression when I was 11. I’m the sister of two older brothers, one is an electrician and married with two beautiful children, and the other is a police officer. I’m the loving girlfriend of the biggest pain in the ass boyfriend you’ve ever seen, but he’s my best friend first and foremost. We take the piss out of each other on a daily basis, but I love him with every piece of myself. I’m also a friend to a few amazing people who have stuck by me through so much. I’m an Office Coordinator in a rather large construction company (at least for the next few weeks.) I could go on… Granddaughter, aunty, cousin, manager, blogger, entrepreneur.

But who am I really? In dot points…

  • I’m sensitive – if you go off at me I will stew on that for days, weeks even. I hate yelling, you’ll never hear me yell, and if you yell at me I will hide like a scared rabbit.
  • I’m passionate – I feel things very strongly. Yes that makes me emotional at times, but it also makes me a fighter. I will fight to the death for what I believe in.
  • I’m positive – life get’s me down, just like everyone else. But I’ve always believed in seeing the bright side of things. It doesn’t take effort, I rarely see the negatives unless they’re pointed out to me. There’s good in every situation and in every person.
  • I’m sentimental – I hold and treasure memories like rare diamonds. I hold onto those memories with photographs, knickknacks, letters, and enjoy sharing them in an Instagram post.
  • I’m kind – I believe in treating everyone with kindness. After all, we never really know what someone is struggling through.
  • I’m stubborn – I think this one speaks for itself. I can debate with my boyfriend for hours on end, since he’s possibly even more stubborn than myself.
  • I’m impulsive – I make impulse purchases and decisions more often than I’d like to admit. It’s a huge effort to force myself to stop and think it over just for a second. Why wait, when you can act? *Shrugs*
  • I’m weird – I never have been and never will be one of the ‘cool kids’. You know what, it didn’t bother me in high school, and at 29 years old it certainly doesn’t bother me now. I’m different, I know this. But I’m also perfectly secure and happy in myself.

In my free time I do love blogging to share my experiences and raise awareness – to maybe help people in similar situations not feel so isolated. I also love being outside with my boyfriend and husky, sipping on wine and enjoying the sun, that’s probably my favourite thing in the world to do. I prefer pubs over bars and clubs, but I prefer the sun to indoors. I love to keep things simple.

All I want to do on a daily basis is laugh and smile. I’m exactly the kind of person that loves to tackle/wrestle her boyfriend like we’re 5 year old’s. I’m exactly the kind of person that is content sitting by the water doing and saying nothing at all. I’m exactly the kind of person that see’s the beauty in the sunset every day. I’m that person that loves animals and treats them equally to humans. I’m the person that acts mostly with her heart and not her head (whoops.) I’m a person who cares deeply.

That’s me, happy and a free spirit. I’m a whole person. A person that happens to be ill, but still a person regardless. A person, and a fighter. Don’t forget that.

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